Frontline Service

Physician Roster/Appointment

≈ allows the forward or move set of appointment  for better resource utilization       and reduced patient waiting times. 
≈ Also patient able to acknowledge their appointment via SMS & email.
≈ Able to bulk transfer appointment in once time.

Accident & Emergency

≈ Able to search exiting patient
≈ Pre arrival registration allows for patient.
≈ Emergency dashboard view
≈ Allows the triaging nurse to record observation and vital signs.
≈ Notify nurse to update unidentified patients.

Inpatient Management

With Convert Visit functionality doctor doesn’t have to re-order If patient admission required.
OP/AE medication will be continued in IP Pharmacy workflow automatically after converting visit
Able to record verbal order and notify doctor
Nurse able to do Handover Notes, Future Order, Nursing Home drug, IMR (Inpatient Medical Record), Nursing care plan, Nursing note & Patient Advice
Support fully Nursing process

Outpatient Management

≈ OPD Nurse worklist easy to manage patient data such as alert, clinical note, diagnosis, investigate, medication and discharge process 
≈ Powerful Package Management
≈ Perform new vaccinations or record external vaccinations. View existing vaccinations information that the patient has.
≈ Upload Diagnostic Investigation Document, such as ECG 
≈ Able to record medication in OMR (Outpatient Medical Record)
≈ Create and print out Patient Advice to specific patient


Billing & Collection

≈ Bill in any currency: multi currency support with automatically conversion.
≈ Tax, Surcharge & Discount: automatically apply tax, surcharge, discount etc.         by various condition.
≈ Multiple payment methods: support multiple payment methods in a single bill.
≈ Recurring Charges: ability to define recurring charges depends on hospital policy.
≈ Deposit

Account Receivable

≈ The complete invoice solution that allows generating invoice for various third-party & patient outstanding.
≈ Build-in PDF invoice generator & ability to preview before actual invoice generation.
≈ Multiple invoices generate equal to the number of third-party of each time when patient visit.
≈ Get account outstanding details at your fingertips.

Clinical Service


ü Clinical Management – supports the doctors in providing care/treatment.
ü The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) allows the doctor to record a variety of records for patient likes the patient case notes, alerts , allergies etc.
ü Clinical timeline available for easily tracking.

Clinical Document

Doctor fee

ü Arrangement for hospital revenue & professional revenue 
ü Real time reporting professional fee
ü Able to Interfacing with Financial system
ü Protected professional benefit from front user or unnecessary user.

Ancillary & Support Service

Pharmacy Management

§ Complete solution to support patient’s medication management.
§ The stock balance will automatically reduced while dispensing medications.
§ If stock level reaches reorder level, Purchase Order  suggested by the system.
§ The system also supports multiple pharmacies and stores at each location.

Allied Health

§ Health-Related Function likes Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy & Podiatry
§ Complete any type of clinical document in their own function such as perform service report, assessment form, mark patient’s problem with annotation, upload photo and record the patient’s advice document.


§ Easy ordering laboratory with one click and standard Hl7 intregration. 
§ Available for compare result (cumulative lab).
§ Ready to be linked to LIS, with our standard interface schema & build-in the interface monitoring functionality.


§ Booking the radiology service & resource can be done by our standard functionality
§ Ready to be linked to RIS, with our standard interface schema & build-in the interface monitoring functionality


Inventory Management

§ The Inventory System allows the user to monitor stock levels and track the stock movements of each item, providing information on stock availability.
§ Supports calculate Min-Max values, Ad-hoc revision of item cost and support stock balance, stock count and stock adjustment.

Operating Threatre (OT)

§ Maintains the scheduling and administrative needs of operating theatres.

§ Facilitate creating own template of operation result of each individual surgeon.
§ Clinical staff provides easy to use documentation tools for recording pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative surgical and anesthetic case details
§ Incorporating WHO’s Surgical Safety Checklist items to ensure consistency in patient safety and maintaining a culture that values achieving it.


Management Service

Management Dashboard

Management Dashboard with realtime information
» To prevent the potential problems
» Make informed decisions without delaying.

Technical Dashboard

Centralize monitoring all tasks in a single page.
» Ability to drill-down into details if needed.
» Display each process into Task Group i.e. Application, Interface & Technical.
» Automatically acknowledge when job failed by email

Mobile Service

Mobile Application

 VESALIUS Mobile App. is available on both iOS and Android platforms.
It supports doctor to Secure communication between Mobile App and Mobile Servers with SSL and secure web-service communications between Mobile Servers and VESALIUS.
User password encryption using BCrypt Hashing Algorithm.
For Patient App .It’s intended to improve patient services such as an appointment ,Doctor profile ,medical data,etc., Patients can access their information and hospital information.
For Doctor’s support them to improve their quality tasks such as review EMR,Acknowledge Verbal Order,etc.

Interface & Reporting

Ad-Hoc Reporting

Standard Integration Framework

Ø HL7 standard interfacing for clinical information
Ø Non-HL7 : VESALIUS standard interface schema
Frontline Service
Clinical Service
Ancillary & Support Service
Management Service
Mobile Service
Interface & Reporting

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